The Top 10 Best Selling Business Books in Australia for 2014

20 Feb The Top 10 Best-Selling Business Books in Australia for 2014

The Top 10 Best-Selling Business Books in Australia for 2014

Every year, a number of business books are released in Australia. Here are the Top-10 best-selling business books for 2014:

#1. How to Be a Power Connector

This book is written by Judy Robinett. The author has talked about the aspects that are important in becoming a master of a strategic relationship- It’s about how connecting, caring and adding value are important in any personal relationship or a profession and a system that can be used to add value to those contacts on a regular basis.

#2. Money-Master the Game

This book is written by Anthony Robbins and is especially relevant for people who are struggling through the current difficult economic times. He says that the secret to wealth is very simple- you have to find an effective way of doing more for other people that anyone else does. This helps you in becoming valuable. The minute you do more and give more or even be more & serve more you automatically get the opportunity to earn more

#3. The Ambitious Woman

This book is written by Esther Spina and has been written from the view-point of a very successful woman who has succeeded at commissioned-sales- which truly is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. 588888882Spina says in her book that if a person wants to be successful, he/she has to opt to do the things that ambitious people do. Being ambitious is about being determined and balanced in the way you do things and turn your dreams into reality.

#4. The Gen Z Effect

This book has been co-authored by Tom Koulopoulos & Dan Keldsen. The thesis of this book is that technology does not separate generations. In effect, it brings them together and this is one of the major changes in the way in which people look at business & life. Though it is an easy read, the content has a lot of depth and you can learn a lot from it and look at things differently.

#5. Scrum

This book has been written by Jeff Sutherland- Most people say and think that if you need to get more things done, you have to spend more time doing them- which is not the case. The book tells you how it’s important for you to work smarter and not just harder. There are some very simple yet effective techniques of doing this effectively.

#6. The Soft Edge

Rich Karlgaard is the author of this book. Today most companies spend way too much time thinking about technology and finances and less about how the employees feel about the things they are doing & where they are working. The book discusses about how these latter things are more important. The author talks about how people have to be happy working in an organisation and how it will help the company grow.

#7. The Carpenter

This book has been written by Jon Gordon and he has a number of other very popular books to his credit and this one is a must-read. It’s a narration about how a very high-powered entrepreneur learns and relearns from a blue-collar artisan and re-captures his sense of purpose.

#8. Scaling Up Excellence

The book is co-authored by Robert Sutton & Huggy Rao. It’s natural for entrepreneurs to want their companies to grow & be successful but many startups find it difficult to metamorphose into a larger company. The book talks about the challenges that entrepreneurs face and about how scaling needs grinding it out and how it’s about incorporating changes in every level of the organisation.

#9. Creativity, Inc.

Co-authored by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace, this book examines Pixar & its connection to Steve Jobs as well as the team that was recruited by him. The book talks about how important it is for creativity to be structured in corporate culture and that it should not be an attribute only of the leadership of a company.

#10. Business Without the Bullsh*t

This book is written by Geoffrey James and is like a survival-guide to the corporate world. The author says that while every industry & every profession needs certain expertise, the actual business of business is quite simple. It talks about how professionals such as industry analysts and management consultants like to portray business to be a very complex thing, because no one would hire them otherwise. It talks about secrets and shortcuts of running a successful business.

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