22 Feb

BBF: 123 How To Craft an Elevator Pitch with John Livesay

We’ve got a razor-sharp guest on the show this week. Listen up if you want to know how to give the knockout pitch you need to raise investment for your business. John Livesay is an eminent funding strategist who is so revered he even has a nickname, “The Pitch Whisperer”! He has authored a book called “The Successful Pitch” and he also hosts the Successful Pitch Podcast, so he is well worth listening to.
15 Feb

BBF: 122 Two Business Owners tell their stories of how coaching helped them with their Business Goals with Ben Fewtrell

We’ve changed it up a bit this week. Instead of just a standard interview about a business topic, we’ve responded to your feedback and given you a couple of case studies of businesses who’ve worked with us at MaxMyProfit. Hiring a business coach was pretty much their last resort, but as you will hear, once they got the right guidance and started to change their ways, their businesses turned the corner.