22 Mar

BBF: 127 How to use Process Language in your Sales and Marketing with Ross Jeffires

We’ve got someone with a pretty colourful background on the show today. Ross Jeffries honed his skills as a dating guru, helping over 60,000 men around the world build up their attraction to the opposite sex. He eventually realised the very same theory could be applied to business, so now he travels the world sharing his wisdom to sales teams and business owners.
09 Mar

BBF: 125 Entrepreneur is not a dirty word with Andrew Griffiths

What a character we have on the show today. His insight was so good last time we’ve bowed to popular demand and invited him back. Andrew Griffiths is an absolute wheeler-dealer, having run over a dozen different businesses. At the age of just 18 he scraped together the money to buy a diving shop, and worked a full-time job in a bottle shop in the evenings just to make ends meet. He’s sold encyclopedias door-to-door, he’s had a publishing company and numerous marketing firms, he’s written 12 books, and now he gives TED talks and business coaching to budding entrepreneurs…. is there anything this man hasn’t done?