26 Apr

BBF 132: From Extreme Adversity to Finding Success and Fulfilment in Business and in Life with Pauline Nguyen

This week we delve deep into the inspiring story of Pauline Nguyen, who overcame some incredible adversity to become one of the most revered restaurateurs in the world (her Sydney restaurant, The Red Lantern, is the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world). As a young child, Pauline was smuggled out of Vietnam on a boat and survived squalid conditions in a Thai refugee camp before eventually ending up in Australia. She had a seriously tough upbringing, with her father regularly beating her and then forcing her to work in the family businesses from the age of 7.
19 Apr

BBF: 131 How To Use Facebook and LinkedIn to Scale Your Service Based Business with Brittany Becher

On the show this week we’re paying special attention to service businesses. Our guest has been there and done it with her own service business, and now she advises other service businesses how they can grow. Her particular area of expertise is in the online sphere, more specifically Facebook and LinkedIn groups, so we picked her brains for her insight on those.